23 May 2010

When do you need a drain camera?

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There are many occasions when a drain camera is essential to locating plumbing and drainage problems. The trick is knowing at what stage should you seek the services of a drain camera operator. In most cases plumbers seem to be apprehenisve about the cost of a drain camera service, however in the end a drain camera can save hours of work and money. Unfortunately there are many shoddy operators out there who do not know how to use the equipment correctly. Therefore they are giving incorrect advice which in some cases can be dangerous and can reflect poorly on the industry. For example in the situation where a plumber attempts to locate water pipes and inccorectly identify them as gas pipes which of course if cut causes an extremely dangerous situation. So the secret is to ensure you hire an operator that is well trained and experienced. For example some franchise companies employee poorly trained operators resulting in poor advice. So the message is – choose a reputable operator and make sure you call them in before spending thousands of unnecessary dollars and hours of time on a problem that is unlikely to be solved no matter how many hours and dollars you spend. Ultimately your customer will be happier because you have resolved the problem and saved them money.

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