Drain Camera and Cable Locator Services – Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs

Looking for a drain camera or cable locator in or around Melbourne?

It’s no secret that using a drain camera to find obstructions, or to locate services, will save you time and money. No matter where you are in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, if you need a drain camera expert, Draincam Victoria can help.

Our quality drain camera service has the latest state-of-the-art CCTV camera, and is performed to the highest professional standards with minimum disruption to your clients.

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Full Colour DVD of Drain Inspection

You also have the option of a full-colour DVD of your inspection - ideal for insurance claims, disputes and whenever you need irrefutable proof.

Expert drain camera service
Cable locator
› Servicing Melbourne and surrounds
› Save you time and money
› High quality professional service
› Full colour DVD option

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