Cable, Pipe and Services Locator

Cable Locator: Eliminate Risk – Use the experts in cable location

A professional cable locator can save you huge fines and prevent damage or costly repair work on your construction or development site. We provide a comprehensive cable location service to give you an accurate picture of your excavation works.

When you trust Draincam Victoria to undertake your cable location job you know you’re receiving an efficient, effective and professional service that’s second to none.

› Professional cable location
› State-of-the-art cable locator
› Eliminate risk and damage
› Prevent costly repairs
› Full colour DVD available

Pipe Locator: Pipe Location – for peace of mind

Using the latest pipe locator camera we provide a specialist pipe location service that can help you accurately locate pipes and prevent costly mistakes or damage. Pipe location is a reliable and efficient service based on the highest quality expertise and know-how.

Services Locator

Do you need to locate services on a property, development or construction site? Call Draincam Victoria – the experts in Services Location in Melbourne. Eliminate risk, save time and money and importantly get peace of mind with Draincam Victoria’s professional Services Location.

To book Draincam please call Steve Suttie on 0418 344 485, or